Neck Pain

Neck pain tends to be a fairly common complaint among our patients. There are some common warning signs that you have neck pain. You may experience pain in your neck, but that may not be the only place you have pain. You may experience headaches, muscle tightness, and muscle spasms. You may find that you are not able to move your head or turn your neck. The pain you feel may get worse when you hold your head in one position for an extended period. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and need a chiropractor in Fishersville, contact our team at Mountain Spring Chiropractic.


The Causes of Neck Pain

Your neck supports the weight of your head, so it is no surprise that it is subject to pain and ailments. There are many causes of neck pain, including strained muscles. This can occur from too much use, such as using a computer or phone for an extended period. It can also happen as a result of bad posture. The joints in your neck wear just like the other joints in your body. Osteoarthritis wears down the cushion between your bones. Injuries, such as whiplash, can cause soft tissue damage to your neck. The nerves in your neck can become compressed due to a herniated disc and cause neck pain. Some diseases may also cause pain in your neck.

Neck Pain Treatment

Our chiropractor can help relieve your neck pain. We will perform an extensive examination to determine the source of your pain. Our chiropractor asks questions about your medical history and inquires about any recent injuries you may have received. We will use tests to determine the range of motion, posture, and general condition of your body.

We will create a plan for your care. This will include a chiropractic treatment plan that includes adjustments and in home exercises. These procedures apply gentle pressure to your neck. This helps improve your mobility and range of motion. Our goal is to help you reach your goals quickly. 

Neck Pain Relief in Fishersville, VA

At Mountain Spring Chiropractic we are focused on improving your overall health and well-being. We know that living with pain is difficult and can take the joy out of life. We specialize in reducing your pain and discomfort without having to rely on pain medication or invasive procedures like surgery. If you live in or around Fishersville and neck pain has become a part of your daily life, call us today at (540) 943-0022 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Koch.

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